Why work and play go hand in hand

Before this weekend I flew to Isle of Man for an afternoon of intensive mastermind with a dear friend and business partner preparing the launch of an project actually serving a huge gap in the market. I can’t disclose any details now just that just going itself was a bit of a challenge. Actually we (me and my family) lost the plane from London Gatwick to Isle of Man due to the lack of care and incompetence from the staff of EasyJet and had to reschedule the flight for the next day through British Airways from London City. You know already that I am not the kind to make blog posts with ugly statements about various companies – I have better things to do, but that experience was an ugly one.

Everything was ok at the end, we arrived and after a delicious lunch started to put the ideas together over playing pool. In just few hours we agreed on most of the points, had a long call with other partner from Europe and concluded the most important points on the agenda.


I don’t recall being taught in school about the passion associated with work, but I am grateful that I’ve discovered this along the way. And yes, I’ve learned from Richard Branson, many years back that the passion is an essential ingredient for a successful business. Also many people still believe that after they will reach a certain financial level they will quit working. The reality is far from different. I am connected with real and very wealthy individuals from different corners of the world and many of them work harder than before, the only difference being that they work for what they like and don’t work because they have to.

And the best way to see work is as a play, because this way also the brain will make various new neuro-connections and the outcome will be different. We all have to work one way or the other but we have to think that by our work, we will bring a certain kind of value which will produce some kinds of benefits for the world and in exchange, we will be paid. The sad reality is that we most of the time think about ourselves – what we need, what amount of mooney we want focusing the wrong way on the result and not on the actions which will actually generate the results.


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