How we manage the gifts we have – my Bday present to you!

Usually at the beginning of each year and at every birthday I make a review of what I already achieved, what I have to improve, where I am in the journey towards my goals and which are the things standing between me and what I really want to achieve in life. I strongly believe that there isn’t a copy + paste solution to work for everybody but with the huge growth of Internet we all have access to the knowledge to transform the life in one full of possibilities where everything you desire to happen how you want and when you want.

Most of the times there isn’t an easy solution like to find everything in one place but the beauty of the game is to research various sources of information and find what works for you and apply what seems to be the most appropriate.

We all have one of several gifts which are inside of us from birth and due to our ignorance and the comfort of living small and comfortable they are not discovered, are not used, don’t bring value to the humanity and we arrive at a life full of compromises instead of the life of our dreams.

There are some interesting findings I would like to share with you based on my own experiences from my own transformation.

Most of the principles of the success in life can be found in regular books edited at the beginning of the 20th Century or much earlier. The majority of these principles are related to the structure of the human being and are not related to a certain economic period. The biggest treasures we have are inside us – our mind, body and soul. Everything we have outside – our relations, belongings, businesses, problems are results of the way we handle what we have inside. For example, if you fill your mind with negatives beliefs about money – like they are available in huge numbers only to some kind of people, you transform your surroundings and end-up broke no matter how good you are in what you do.

The mindset, the state of mind you have represents 80% from the success you will have in life. Some people say more, 85% or 90% but this is not important. The rest of 20% is made out of the specialised skills you will need to polish by constant learning for as long as you will be alive and the effort to apply everything. So if the mindset is 80% of what we need to have tuned in order to be successful, we need to focus on it. There are available hundreds and thousands of books, seminars, webinars, groups, conferences, meetings where you can find like minded people interested to improve their mindsets so just go out, google about this and you will be one step ahead to live the life you desire.

If you succeed to master you mind and have the mindset you need to succeed you will simply see your gifts flourishing and you will know for sure what to do with them because based on your 6th sense, your subconscious mind will start sending you tips about the next steps to make.

I simply love a distinction: imagine yourself as a boat. The conscious mind is the captain and set the direction – like I want to run a big corporation – even if you are currently employed in a job which doesn’t have anything to do with what you want to achieve in life. So, you set the direction. The subcoscious mind – the people from the machines who actually run the boat will start working for you to help you achieve your goal. This theme is too wide to be covered by one article but just searched more about this and you will be amazed. And everything is based on images and senses. No matter where you are now, just start to live, think and feel like running that big corporation and you will be another step ahead to achieving your goal. You will arrive there for sure, but be patient because it will take some time.

As a conclusion, don’t let your gifts go away. They are inside you! Search for the proper people and knowledge to help you discover and master them. And I will give you one of my mantras to use on a daily basis and feed your mind with: health, success, prosperity, love in the family, order in life, integrity, planning, action – massive action and laser targeted focus. God help us all to live the life we want to live.

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