My 2010 Easter Bunny and about the “Father” job

First, I’d like to wish “Happy Easter” to all readers of my blog. Exactly three months ago I Iphoned myself and you can see the result below:

What I did? I was in a hospital room with my wife, a doctor and two assistants and spent around 7 hours watching TV and waiting for my daughter to come into this beautiful world. Fortunately I remained in the room until the end and I witnessed the miracle of natural birth. I’d like to thank one again to the staff of Euroclinic Floreasca private hospital in Bucharest for the quality of services and the extraordinary experience of assisting in the delivery room.

After that moment I realised that the “Father” job was somewhere inside of me like a software waiting for a trigger to be installed on a hard drive.
Today was by far the greatest Easter ever because, the Easter Bunny was my daugher dressed in a pink rabbit outfit!

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