101 Things You Should Know Before You Even Think About Living, Retiring, Or Investing Overseas

Shipping your belongings across international borders…moving with your children…or a pet…obtaining residency…getting a visa…opening a bank account…getting the best international phone rates…learning a new language…using VOIP…obtaining an international driver’s license…working with an overseas real estate agent…shopping for international health insurance…

This is everything we wish someone had told us before we set off on our own live and invest overseas adventures. And it’s available to you right now Free. Details here.

One thought on “101 Things You Should Know Before You Even Think About Living, Retiring, Or Investing Overseas

  1. I am glad to come across this article about investing overseas and interested in the readers’ comments. It sounds like it used to be fairly simple to invest in real estate in Western countries like the UK, but laws are now tightening up. I currently live in Thailand where it is complicated to understand real estate laws, and many foreigners are compelled to seek advice from a real estate lawyer in Thailand before making decisions. Some countries abroad, like Thailand, have fewer government and private safeguards for real estate investors than Western countries. Foreign investors in these countries are exposed to fraud and corrupt business practices. Investing overseas is a great opportunity and there is no reason why foreigners shouldn’t look into doing this; however, it’s probably a good idea to get a real estate lawyer’s help and proceed with caution to avoid getting blindsided or losing money.

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