Best Bathing Beaches In South Africa

“South Africans tend to dismiss Port Elizabeth as an ugly auto industrial center and container port,” writes Correspondent Paul Lewis, traveling in that part of the world, “which it is. “But it also has some of South Africa’s finest bathing beaches and is home to its latest and weirdest museum. From the old city center looking out across what is now called Nelson Mandela Bay, you can see little besides the eyesore of the port, while driving in is a journey from one industrial site to another. “But the suburbs of Summerstrand and Humewood are English seaside resorts transported to … Continue reading Best Bathing Beaches In South Africa

Ready To Talk

Panama Circle Membership Now Open For A Very Limited Time Last December, we launched our special Panama Circle VIP membership service, inviting up to 50 Live and Invest Overseas readers to become Charter Members of this private group. Then we closed the door. Since then, our Panama team has been busy delivering on all the promises we made to our Charter Members. I take pride today, seven months later, in saying that I believe we’ve not only met but exceeded every Charter Member’s expectations. Members Liaison Marion de Mena and the rest of the team have arranged pick-ups at the … Continue reading Ready To Talk

Bring The American Dream With You

“In a recent e-letter and also in your ‘101 Tips for Retiring Happy and Living Well Overseas’ report, you talk about deciding whether to live like a local or to seek out an established expat community when choosing a retirement haven abroad,” writes Susan S. from the United States. “I hope you will address the pros and cons of each choice in future issue. I’m leaning toward local (I don’t like shopping at Wal-Mart now) but would like to know what I am giving up that possibly I haven’t thought about.” We moved from the East Coast of the United … Continue reading Bring The American Dream With You

A Good Time To Look At Roatan

“Most of the expats and retirees in Honduras,” explained Correspondent Michael Paladin yesterday, “have flocked either to the north of the mainland, beginning at Copan, variously described as the Athens or the Paris of the Mayan world, or to a few enclaves along the Caribbean coast and the Bay Islands, especially the famed diving island of Roatan. “The current U.S. Ambassador to Honduras estimates that there may be some 3,000 American retirees among Roatan’s population of 30,000-plus. “Roatan is where most of the development in this country has been focused to date, much of it to support the big volume … Continue reading A Good Time To Look At Roatan

“This Was A 10! Great Event. Awesome Job By The Live and Invest Overseas Team!”

  World’s Top Three Retirement Havens PLUS: World’s Most User-Friendly Expat Haven…Expat Life In KL, City Of Contrasts…No Place Is Perfect…Can You Borrow To Buy Overseas?… “This Was A 10! Great Event. Awesome Job By The Live and Invest Overseas Team!” We missed you in Panama City for our Live & Invest in Panama Conference, but here’s your second chance to access all the insider and expert insights and information shared over the five intense days of this event. This is everything you need to know to plan for a new life, your retirement, a real estate investment, or a … Continue reading “This Was A 10! Great Event. Awesome Job By The Live and Invest Overseas Team!”

On Murkey Beach…Just Off Swamp Lagoon…

While we’ve been fully occupied with our conference these past two weeks, the Mailbag has filled to overflowing. Let’s dive right in… “Kathleen, I so appreciate your newsletter. We found it when looking up global real-estate investments. You are giving a wonderful educational service to many Baby Boomers. Thank you.” — Carolyn and Larry B., Canada *** “I agree with you regarding the downsides to living in Panama, and it’s the same thing in most all Central and South American countries, as well. In the States, if you call for some type of service, and you don’t like it, there … Continue reading On Murkey Beach…Just Off Swamp Lagoon…

Updates from Kathleen Peddicord –

We here at Live and Invest Overseas are moving a little slowly this morning. This week’s five days of conference presentations, meetings, workshops, seminars, lunches, and parties concluded last night with a Farewell Cocktail Reception featuring a troupe of Panamanian dancers twirling their flowing and brightly colored skirts and coaxing conference attendees out on to the floor to stomp and twirl right along with them. Over our five days together, we covered Panama from end to end and every angle… Panama City’s top rental neighborhoods…and how much you should expect to spend to rent in each one…   Options with … Continue reading Updates from Kathleen Peddicord –

How Are You Going to Be Able to Afford to Retire?

Seeking and building a new life abroad is not only the most sensible way to approach retirement in the current global market climate… It’s not only the best (maybe the only) way to assure yourself that your retirement funds will carry you all the way through retirement…comfortably and even in style… It’s not only the best way to make sure you’re able to sleep at night…that you’re not kept awake at 3 a.m. by money and budget concerns… It’s also the start of the greatest adventure of your life. The most fun you’ll ever have. The New Retirement Revolution  “Panama … Continue reading How Are You Going to Be Able to Afford to Retire?

Asia Is Competing Hard For Your Business

Asia is getting serious about competing for the global retiree’s business. As Philippines Correspondent Chris Bech reported this week, “With the new tourism bill, passed last month, the Philippine government is working hard to encourage foreigners to come and invest and settle in this country. They’ve made it their goal to develop the Philippines as Asia’s tourist hub. “Now under consideration is a bill that would allow for direct foreign ownership of land in this country, so foreigners would no longer have to set up a corporation to hold property. “If this law passes, the Philippines will be the most … Continue reading Asia Is Competing Hard For Your Business

101 Things You Should Know Before You Even Think About Living, Retiring, Or Investing Overseas

Shipping your belongings across international borders…moving with your children…or a pet…obtaining residency…getting a visa…opening a bank account…getting the best international phone rates…learning a new language…using VOIP…obtaining an international driver’s license…working with an overseas real estate agent…shopping for international health insurance… This is everything we wish someone had told us before we set off on our own live and invest overseas adventures. And it’s available to you right now Free. Details here. Continue reading 101 Things You Should Know Before You Even Think About Living, Retiring, Or Investing Overseas