The human being and the technology

I had a revelation when I saw the movie Transformers last year which, by the way is an excellent movie. Its idea is that we, the humans are so dependent on our electronic systems, gadgets, computers, tv’s, radio’s, cars and are very vulnerable when all these collapse due to a power crash or are gone from different reasons.
Do we still know how to find North using the trees? How time is it using the Sun? How to feed ourselves if we get lost in a wood for a few days? How to know what kind of weather will come by looking at the birds’ behaviour?

At the 28 years old I heard a theory which remained in my mind since then and I’d like to share it with you. I don’t want to get into scientifical approaches because I don’t have any authority in this domain, only I’d like to assess my views and how I see things. We, humans, have our own systems which sustain us as living persons. As we use during our life around 10% from our brain we can only imagine what performances can be achieved by using more. Also, you probably heard that many diseases can be cured without any medication, only by natural ways, most of them starting with eating certain plants, fruits or vegetables. Some of you even tried this aproach during life’s quests and worked. These are signs that our own system has recovery capabilities if the fuel received from us (what we drink and eat) is proper for the situation being. The whole idea is that, no matter how modern is our life, there are certain classic/ ancient things we HAVE to take care of. Now I will arrive to the theory. Time is the most important resource on Earth. It is something money can’t buy! It is obviously that the presence of the gadgets, computers, cars allow us to do the same tasks in a smaller amount of time than before. And now comes the theory itself: “The Divine Creator of our world allowed us to advance so much to be able to have more time to think of those classic/ancient things mentioned previously, for praying, for learing all the time and to take very good care of us, of the nature among us and of our future”. I personally found this theory applicable because no matter how many properties, millions of euros, cars, servants are around us can be a moment in the future when all to dissapear. And then we remain ourselves, with our recovery systems engaged and ready for new paths and new quests. Plus, everybody has the chance to a better life and to fulfillment in spirituality, family accomplishment and material abbundance. The resources are in us. All we have to do is to discover them and to bring them to the surface.

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