Ibiza Guide – The Beaches

From ‘must do’ party-on-the-sand spots to the hidden secluded coves, the DJs who regularly visit or live on Ibiza know the score when it comes to shore, and know the most when it comes to the coast.

We asked them for their favourite waterfront places to catch some rays, each of which has its own distinct vibe. For public nudity to spiritual enlightenment and all manner of seaside pastimes in between, just head for the beach.

Las Salinas
South, (No.11 bus)
Also hugely popular among the DJs is this large cove lined with cool bars found just past the islands famous salt plains. Home to Sa Trinxa bar and some of the islands most colourful, occasionally naked characters.

Defected’s Sandy Rivera loves it, “the sea is very clear, all the cool people go there and there’s the whole naked thing too. Freedom to do as you wish.” Mn2S DJs Liquid People favour reclining by the Jockey Club as “they play deep house for relaxing, have great food, the view really nice and there are no 18-30 types for a very long way.”

North, (9km from San Juan)
Hippie central since the wild sex and drug orgies of the 60s, now yoga and drumming dominate. Groove Armada’s Tom Findlay says, “I lived in an apartment right above the beach one year and it’s a real Ibiza experience at sunset with the hippies and the drumming. Of course, some of that stuff makes you want to hurl, but just go with it and it’s great.”

Aguas Blancas
North East, (No.23 bus)
Nice and remote, this is another official nudist beach so expect to see all manner of exhibitionists parading around. Take a trip north and let it all hang out with the best of them. It’s the choice of Pacha favourites the Shapeshifters too. “The ‘White Waters’ is a very private beach and it’s all nude too. Great!” “You can’t beat its clear waters,” agrees Judge Jules.

Cala d’Hort
South West, (No.42 bus)
Directly opposite the imposing rock of Es Vedra, reputedly one of the most magnetic spots in the world and said to be home of mythical Sirens and Ibiza’s love goddess Tanit. The beach is Dusted and Bora Bora resident Oliver Lang’s favourite. “It’s never overcrowded, great for snorkelling, has amazing view of Es Vedra and it’s got three great fish restaurants that never cease to impress.”

Cala Jondal
South, (car/taxi only)
Not much sand, but the moored yachts give the place a very elite feel, and classy restaurants like Tropicana and Yemanja draw those up for a quality day in the sun. Kate Lawler’s favourite spot is The Blue Marlin, “it’s really cool to lay by the sea on their big double beds. I also love finding old chiringuitos (beach shacks) for tea on the beach. Cream head honcho James Barton is a Blue Marlin regular too, “but best of all is watching the beaches of Formentera from a yacht with my mates after a night out!”

Es Cavallet
South, (No.11 bus)
One of Ibiza’s biggest stretches of sand, the Southern end is the island’s major gay beach. “Great sand, fabulous restaurants, lovely sea and fun going on in the bushes!” laughs local girl Smokin Jo. As star DJ of the Nude parties, it’s no surprise her favourite seaside spot was also the first official nudist beach on the island (after the old Guardia Civil gave up arresting hundreds of naked volley-ball playing hippies).

S’Illot des Rencli
North, (near Portinatx)
This small stretch of fine sand and azure ocean is just around the corner from the big family-based resort of Portinatx and is the tried and tested recommendation of long running Cream resident Gareth Wyn. “It’s a real hidden gem, I love it there,” he says. “Never too busy, clear blue seas and not commercial at all, just beach huts and relaxed people. A perfect place to get away from it all.” Schhh, keep it to yourselves!

Sa Caleta
South, (No.42 bus)
Tom Stephan loves this particular spot because it’s “beautiful and quiet” and the small coves are also very popular with locals in the know. Also check out the pre-Biblical ruins nearby and enjoy some grilled fresh fish at the restaurant. “You can get an amazing paella there,” says Seamus Haji.

Cala Xarraca
North, (No. 20 bus)
This large bay is great for snorkelling and Amnesia terrace residents Cassette Jam swear by it. “This beach in the North is great as it’s slightly quieter up there and the sunsets are almost picturesque as the more obvious places.” Also be sure to cover yourself in the rejuvenating local mud baths, perfect after a heavy night out.

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