MyStartApp – product launch and JV announcement 15th of August at 3PM EST

MyStartApp – 5 minutes mobile apps goes live on 15th of August 2016 @3PM EST with a PLF style prelaunch campaign going live on 8th of August 2016 @3PM EST.

We’ll allocate also a reasonable budget on FB Ads promoting the naked links!

We moved this launch from mid June to August because it is not a fly by night product but one having already +1,000 members and we were not ready to scale everything with minimum crashes.

The platform is a beautiful and powerful Mobile App Builder for non tech people with zero coding required, awesome training and marketing resources, more than 1 year in the making.

It is the absolute low hanging fruit for anybody wanting to tap into building mobile apps, user frienfly and JV ready. So please mark your calendars and contact me if you need anything.

Sales Video, JV video, Software Demo, Bonus page template, bonuses, the prelaunch content will be uploaded in the next days.

I personally want also the JV’s to use it in their own business so we’ll be happy to setup review accesses which will remain permanent accounts.

Fe – $27 My Start App Software Access + Training
in the funnel:
Mobile Apps Kickstart – $37
Mobile Apps Academy – $47
Sales page preview:
JV Page:

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