The $2 Billion Sales Letter (free ebook download) – something every marketer should read and use

I highly consider that knowing how to write copy is an essential skill for any entrepreneur and marketer in the current digital age. There’s a sales letter that has brought in over $2 Billion. That’s not a mis-print.

That’s “Billion” with a capital “B”. And, no, it’s NOT the Wall Street Journal sales letter. Want the whole story, plus a copy of the sales letter? Get the ebook here.


This might be the most successful sales copy of all time. The Top  Copywriter Ray Edwards has just released this free ebook, containing the full text of the sales copy. Plus he analyzes why it worked, and why you can still “swipe” from it today. Get the ebook here.

Yes, you have to opt in, but it’s totally worth it – and quite a discount off the $2 Billion it’s worth. Ray puts out killer stuff. Grab this before he pulls it down.


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