Yesterday I was very happy to reach #8 in “Top 100 UK Digital Agency Influencers” and here are some thoughts around this

I am certainly not a fan of self promotion and I feel guilty for spending a lot of time online writing articles, producing content, spreading meaningful (hopefully!) resources to contribute as much possible to what I call My Online Family. And because you are reding this … you are part of it, Thank you!

Sometimes I am not sure if I’m investing my time in the right direction by doing that. Yes, I have my own doubts and many of these thoughts come from the fact that usually the effects are not immediate. And what we all, marketers want is either to have more clients, generate sales for whatever we are promoting, speaking engagements and enlargements of our career paths, right? ‘Enlargement of our career paths’ … it’s my first time when I’m using this expression … mmm … weird.

Fortunately, the feedback I receive makes me to go further. For example, this was posted on my Facebook page.

adrian niculescu top 100 Digital Agency Influencers 3

Brendon watched a video on Linkedin marketing, the replay to a webinar I presented and took action towards improving his business and life. He didn’t need to actually buy something from me in order to improve what he is doing or even to start something new. So this kind of feedback makes me go further and continue to publish more, to do things better and s.o.

Yesterday was a very special day for me because initially it started with a subscriber who, instead of unsubscribing to some marketing messages he received by e-mail went to Twitter and spreaded his frustrations with my audience in a very special hater way. Of course, I responded politely, blocked and reported that profile (which was hidden under an Angry Birds branded profile) and what was special in the same moment was the fact that received messages and notifications announcing that I reached #8 in “Top 100 UK Digital Agency Influencers”.


adrian niculescu top 100 Digital Agency Influencers 2


Of course I was happy and said to myself: “Adrian, continue to publish content, help other marketers, professionals and business owners to do better in life and business, be even more a giver than a taker, leave all excuses and injuries and go further”.  I want to thank Directors Centre for allowing me to be part of their overall Creating a difference model by being published in Top 100 UK Digital Agency Influencers and yes, I will continue to improve what I’m doing. Thank you all for reading, sharing and commenting!

adrian niculescu top 100 Digital Agency Influencers



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