Last week’s 1 to 1 supercharge social media consultation was claimed in less than 1 hour. Do you want to know how to use social media to become a trusted authority in your industry?

There is a ton of content available online about almost everything. So content is not a problem anymore but authority is. The customers buy from companies and individuals they know, like and trust and if they are seen as authorities simply they can charge more and sell more very easy.


Last week I’ve started something new: if you follow me online you probably know that in 2013 I’ve started to run marathons and raising funds for charities in the process. I was new to fundraising for charities and the way which worked for me was to offer coaching and consulting services and donate a lot of money from my fees to the charities I support.

So starting last week I’ve began to offer on a weekly basis one spot (only one spot) for what I call a two hour 1 to 1 supercharge consultation. The earnings (499$) are fully donated to the charities I support.

The 1 to 1 supercharge consultation is a two hour set when we look at your business, its social media presence and put together a solid growth plan. The main focus of the consultation is how to use social media to build and enhance your Authority in the market to be able to sell more and charge bigger prices for your services.

Here’s the link for the registration:

Once the spot is taken nobody else will be able to register for this week’s consultation.

On this blog you can find more about what I’m doing and my credentials. I would say that the most important credential is the practical experience in working with businesses and individuals and helping them to achieve massive success by using social media.

Social media marketing is today a personal development skill which is essential for the thriving success of your business in the future.

I intend to bring massive value to your business and the $499 to represent a good investment for yourself and a way to help charities this way.

If you need nay additional info, please comment to this blog post.

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