World’s Greatest Workplace: Vishen Lakhiani at TEDxAjman

I receive almost daily e-mails plus messages on social media about publishing more motivational content and I thought to add more Ted Talks and a little comment around them. I saw today’s video with Vishen Lakhiani more than 1 year ago and it was a perfect refresh for me to see it again.

vishen lakhiani tedx ajman

Vishen is the founder of Mindvalley which is one of the largest publishers of personal development products. I personally follow this company and learn a lot from their marketing. The company grew from 700 USD to many millions without bank loans and investors and it is a great example of how to impact the world with your company in a meaningful way.

Absolutely anybody can get from this video simple yet powerful ideas about how to arrange the work place to be a pleasant experience for anybody involved in the business.


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