How to love your life in tough times

This article is for my eyes – to remember what to do and also to share with you – it can really shift your perceptions. It’s all about how we focus. Usually, when things are tough we tend to let the events and feelings associated with them (the bad ones) take over. This way we indulge yourself in a negative pattern and almost forget about the gifts of life which are around us all the time.

One thing I didn’t know back in the days is that life has seasons. You can be in a winter, when everything is frozen, during spring planting seeds, in the middle of the summer – don’t have your skin burned by the sun! or in autumn when you reap the rewards.  Just analysing every area of your life it’s easy to figure out where you are. The life has various cycles and you really have to figure out where you are in absolutely area of your life.

Let me ask you: Do you plant a seed today in the ground and go tomorrow asking, where’s the plant, or the fruit? It doesn’t work like that and … some seeds need 2-3 years/ cycles until there’s a viable fruit there.  Of course, we all want faster routes, hacks to get there asap but … some processes need time.

You know, people (myself included) over estimate what they can do in one year but underestimate what can be done in three years. And most of the time quit in the process. Sometimes the process is very painful and there are moments where you can’t see the next day. The joy is or at least should be in the process not in the destination and I feel guilty over and over for focusing automatically on the challenges.


At least 5 of the 7 mornings of every week I jog, run and walk usually in a combination preparing me for the next marathon. Why I do this? I push as much negative energy, thoughts and feelings out of my system, drink 1-2 liters of water in the process, cleanse my body, mind and soul, think of my next strategic moves and prepare for a new day. Was it easy to establish such a habit? No, actually it was very hard, I almost quitted in the process and it took more than 1 year to implement it. It’s one of the first things I do almost every morning. It’s a habit, a ritual hardcoded now in my DNA. Will it help me long term? Who knows, but what I know for sure is that if I don’t do it I will miss a lot of health and vitality. Sometimes I have some kind of internal pain, I’m not in the mood, have other more important things to do, but who cares? This is exactly like going to the toilet in the morning.

The same principle should apply for dealing with hard times. When things are tough the focus should be on the beautiful things around us, the functional part of our life and asking the right questions. Questions? Yes, things like – how can I improve this to transform the pain into pleasrure or something else.

This autumn I will do a 1 day marketing and personal branding training for an organisation and the first hour will be outside to show them what 1% of the people around the world are doing every morning or at least 5 out of 7.


Another habit is to write on a daily basis because I like to do it and have plenty to share.  And remember things like:

– the plane takes off against the wind most of the time and flies off course most of the distance but still arrives from point A to point B in the desired timeframe;

– the diamond becomes as we know it after a process of transformation from raw to the final stage;

– are not as important the millions of dollars as the person you become in the process;

It’s all about the mindset! More details here.


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