In 5 years you can be outstanding in 5 key professional areas (if you want)

Last year I’ve learned from one of my mentors, Nik Halik that we, the humans are programmed by the society to have only one source of income. We are taught that we have to go to school, get a job, stick to it, retire and die. This is the short story. I knew this because I encounter on a daily basis people who don’t have to work to be wealthy because they have investments working for them but Nik just throwed this in my face.

Also, I would say that it is obsolete to think that we need to be oustanding in just one area. Let me explain! If you are an amazing actor, so you are outstanding as an actor and you make a lot of money and let someone else managing your fortune it is possible to find one day that you are bankrupt instead of wealthy. Of course, having a lot of assets to manage will require a team or a company to help youbut you MUST know at least the basic processes and to be more than average at investing. Could health and fitness become another key area where you need to be outstanding? We have three until now. You have, let’s say two beautiful kids but there’s no time for them and their childhood is shaped by other people who are hired to take care of them? Could parenting be a key area? What about social media marketing? Yes, you have an agency taking care of your accounts but who knows your life story more that you do?

Multiple sources of income
Multiple sources of income

If you are a great programmer but don’t have a clue about how top start marketing your products and services until you have a dedicated team what could you do to master this area? I can give here tons of examples and hopefully you got my point. You see, we are caught up in the pattern that we need to be oustanding in just one area of our life, be it the life as a whole or just the professional life. The reality is that if you take daily little steps you can master in few areas more than one key area of your life. Don’t get me wrong, The Jack of All Trades is not something to desire. Just focus on few key areas and become the best in the world by doing them.

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