Is life a sprint or more like a marathon?

With the ups and downs which are regular to a life outside of the comfort zone I wonder sometimes if life is really a sprint or more like a marathon. If we decide to live longer then it is definitely a marathon and you know what, without proper training we can collapse during the first 5 km. And this is a fact.

The best way to train for a marathon is an almost daily practice, to run, jog, sprint in different sequences at least 6 days a week. Of course, if you train for full 6 months you can allow yopurself not to train for few days from time to time and it will not matter. It is same with food. If you eat healthy most of the year you can eat a a certainb moment the most poisonous fast food and the body will not have any problem. Why? Because the daily practice or habits if you can call them this way condition youself, your body, emotions, the processes inside of you to be in a certain way.

Paris Marathon 2014
Paris Marathon 2014

People find sometimes weird to receive life developing advice from other persons than let’s say personal development trainers, coaches an mentors. But you know what? Most athletes, successful business people, artists and singers who are top producers in their fields use these principles and also can teach them to anybody if they want.

If you want to lose weight it is less probable that you will learn something valuable from an obese. Or you can learn something goos after that person will lose a lot of kilos and will be asked “How did you do it?”. If you want to be a multimillionaire, a poor person will not be able to teach you something meaningful. And most of the overnight successes which are also sustainable medium to long term took 10 to 20 years to develop. So start running today the marathons of your life in which areas you want to be a great achiever and train yourself daily.


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