What insights I got from Entrepreneurs in London event this week

One of the ads I saw few days back was from a bank saying that even the small businesses will be global. Maybe let’s say that not necessarily in terms of customers which for some businesses is not a target, but at least we can communicate with the leads, clients and staff via e-mail and social media from anywhere in the world. Recently, actually this week I attended the first edition in 2014 of the networking event Entrepreneurs in London along with +100 experienced, beginners and future entrepreneurs and after speaking with more than 20 of them I got some insights about what’s happening now.

Great crowd, good location near Picadilly Circus, spoke almost continously through the evening and got new ideas from this vibrant community. I was happy to be able to speak with other entrepreneurs having issues about promoting their businesses online and gave them some tips which can be implemented immediatly and they promise to apply them. One of the basic principles of business networking is to give first, without even expecting something in return and I use this principle every time I can, being also congruent with my life pitch (you can find it as one of the pages of my blog).

entrepreneurs in london event jan 2014 1

One of the participants was looking for investors and was not happy that could’t find them among the participants. I’ve suggest him that maybe this was not the proper place to look for investors but rather for Joint venture partners but we agreed that the simply fact of asking about this among the fellow participants could point him to some good directions.

Also I was invited to attend a free presentation of a MLM taking place some time later during the week at a hotel in London which was not something I am up to which was not the best route to have me there for any reason. I was fortunate enough to meet people with a big enterpreneurship experience, in particular one of them, a recruiter who knew and travelled Romania more than I did.

entrepreneurs in london event jan 2014 2

After seeing the buzz in the press about the Romanians and Bulgarians coming in UK for work, I have to say and I shared these thoughts with the esteemed people I’ve met during the event that the danger on the job market has a different source.

My MBA experience showed me that more and more students from Asia and Africa are coming to US and Europe to attend the best besiness schools they can afford and this will produce in the next years a huge shift in the markets worldwide. The criteria of the coutry of origin, in a global economy will be less and less important – yes, this is a truth and the truth hurts sometimes and our own concern should be to be better and better each day either as professionals, entrepreneurs and managers and don’t expect the state authorities to protect us from the normal mechanics of any economy. Can’t wait to attend the next Entrepreneurs in London events and also share on a daily basis personal and business development related content through this blog.

entrepreneurs in london event jan 2014 3


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