Just identify your CORE talents and Double Your Productivity

I really think that productivity is a subject which can and should be more developed for most of us. And sometimes – I am guilty for this one of the biggest block is our own set of emotions.

“From an energy perspective, negative emotions are costly and inefficient.
Much like a gas-guzzling car, they draw down our energy stores at a rapid

For leaders and managers, negative emotions are doubly insidious,
because they are so infectious. If we are prompting fear, anger and
defensiveness in others, we progressively undermine their ability to
perform.” – Tony Schwartz, The Power Of Full Engagement

When it comes to becoming more productive, Eben Pagan says in his book “Wake Up More Productive”that
eliminating distractions and interruptions is the first step:

“We live in a culture where we are overwhelmed by choice. We live in a
culture of DISTRACTION. People expect us to be available all the time.
Emails, text messages, mobile phones, Skype…

Distraction and interruption rob us of productivity.

We have become a society of obsessive snacking, and even of
obsessive snacking on information…blog posts….emails….articles…
YouTube videos…. Twitter and Facebook updates…
Our focus is getting fragmented.

We’re spinning so many plates… we’re multitasking… this is a terrible
way to be productive. Minimize multitasking if you want to maximize

Instead, focus, and eliminate distractions and interruptions.”

Pagan goes on to make another key point, about how to dramatically
increase your productivity: he says that we need to identify what we
are innately good at, strengthen it, and leverage it.

“Identify your core talents. Something innate to you…
something that you are really good at… that you develop into a skill,
so that it becomes a strength.”

The content of this article was inspired by Laptop Millionaire Newsletter by Mark Anastasi

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