Covert Geo Targeter Plugin review

If you use either Google Places or Foursquare you already understand how important is the geo targeting and also what huge income opportunity is represented by the local marketing both for online and offline marketers. Also, if you use Facebook, you already encountered Facebook Places and probably you heard at a conference or have read that its future is a combination between FB Mobile, Local Marketing and FB Events.

Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye known worldwide as “The IM Wealth Builders” presents Covert Geo Targeter Plugin which lets you geo target your blog and insert your visitor’s geo location anywhere on it. The plugin is very easy to use but extremely powerful. geo targeting your blogs and using your visitor’s actual location in your titles, posts, ads and more can be a huge conversion booster for you. It realy makes you stand out from the crowd and it’s guaranteed to get people’s attention, make them read your posts and click your ads.

The Covert Geo Targeter plugin allows you to insert your visitors City, State & Country ANYWHERE on your blog, including:

– Post and page titles
– Widgets and widget titles
– In other plugins
– Custom menus
– And of cours in posts and page

Watch this demo video now to see just how easy and powerful this is – and be sure to note some of the great conversion strategies mentioned in the video.

Click here for the demo video

If you purchase the plugin through our link – click here, Internet Success Publications staff will send in 24hrs max after the purchase to your paypal e-mail a bonus consisting in 200 IM products with Master Resell rights ($997 value) to use and resell keeping 100% of the profits. If you use other payment method please post a comment with your skype ID, FB or e-mail to deliver your promised bonus. Most of them have also salespages so you just have to plugin them and profit.

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