Two New or Improved Business Models – it is 1999 again

By being connected with many online entrepreneurs all over the world I have the privilege to see things before they happen, be invited to JV’s in the early stage of the project and also to understand the newest directions. Would you like to own a piece of the business model pursued by Facebook, Ebay, Amazon or Youtube?

They found niches in the market and built verticals on them and ended owning marketplaces almost everybody use. Think only how will be your professional life if you will own a percentage of the earnings from let’s say the mobile usage in a certain area, the Visa payments which are made in a certain neighbourhood or from the Facebook Ads which are placed by companies from a certain industry. Still being in the first month of 2012 it’s 1999 again because they are two new or improved business models available which are appealing to certain markets and by joining them you can have the early bird advantage of being among te first to embrace them:

1. Instant affiliate commissions – there’s no point of writing about how big is this industry … it is huge.  Still one of the main issues especially the beginners have is that it takes a very long time until they see the first check or payment. The instant affiliate networks solve this and the trend in this direction is more and more popular. For affiliates is simple: just sign-up for the account, enter their payment data (usually paypal), find products, ask the product owners for approving them as affiliates (to prevent spam), start promoting using various way and being able to see results very fast. This is also a solution for savvy affiliates who can monetise better and faster the e-mail lists they already have or other promo tools. For a product owner, it is usually simple to upload for sale products, setup commissions split and having lots of affiliates ready to promote their stuff. In such networks both sellers and the affiliates are paid instantly according with the split agreed. The platform collects a percentage from processing the payments. Just recently, was launched and it is the best i’ve seen in the market. More and more product owners and affiliates will adopt this model either as a primary income source or an alternative to other networks. It’s a trend which will grow exponentially and it is your turn not to miss this opportunity by signing up here.

2. Webinars – What is a webinar? A webinar is an online presentation which uses a dedicated platform where the presenter, the eventual guest and the attendants can be in the most different corners of the world. The technology brings them together. There are many business models for webinars: free webinars with a product pitch at the end, webinars containing an interview with an expert and also paid webinars as part of trainings, coachings and membership websites. For product owners, using webinars for promoting them it is a no brainer because for the pitch at the end, of course, depending on many issues like the quality of the presentation and the product offered the conversion is 10% which is way bigger than the one from e-mail marketing which is 2%. More and more companies and individuals use webinars all over the world. Now imagine that you put such a webinar is a platform where there are hundreds of affiliates waiting to promote your webinar and cash in instantly commissions from the sale of the product pitched at the end. Can you imagine the power of this? Yes, is again 1999 and this business model exists and takes over like a storm. Basically you can promote other people’s webinars or submit your own and leverage the power of the affiliates. Powerful? You can sign-up here to catch this huge wave before everyone will know about it.

One thought on “Two New or Improved Business Models – it is 1999 again

  1. I’ve been closely following your posts about Webinars, and recently decided to try one to raise awareness about Thailand divorce FAQs. My interest in this subject stems from having gone through a messy divorce in Thailand myself. At the time, I would have loved to find a resource such as a Webinar to help educate me about divorce here. The Webinar was a great success that reached many people. Even though my Webinar was for non-profit public education purposes, I agree with you that they are very useful tools in for-profit business promotion. One can also use them to effectively combine public education with marketing. In the near future, I’d like to start my own business abroad. I will definitely incorporate Webinars into my business plan. I am also spreading the word about them to fellow entrepreneurs that I know. Thank you for always providing me with new ideas and motivation.

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