My first online webinar about building Mobile Apps for local businesses along with Jeff Mills

Good news! I am hosting with Jeff Mills a free online webinar about building Mobile Apps for local business on the 7th of November at 4 PM (New York time).

During the webinar you will discover how to earn “Multiple Streams of Income” with Mobile Marketing and iPhone/iPad/Android Mobile Apps! Register here!

On this Brand New Webinar training, Jeff Mills goes over 5 “Streams of Income” that you can easily implement immediately and start profiting by creating and marketing mobile apps to small businesses to use to connect to their customers.

You’ll be amazed at the many ways you can make money with this.

There are 5.2 Billion mobile phone users out there.

Apps are quickly replacing web sites!

iPhones, iPads and Androids are replacing computers!

Advances in technology have mobilized us and now we find ourselves living in a Mobile World.

Many people all over the world are making a fortune with iPhone Apps because of it.

You’ll learn that is you can send an email, make a document in Word, or make a post in a blog – then you can make money and profit in the Mobile App Revolution!

My guest, Mobile & Marketing expert, Jeff Mills, shows show you the many different ways in which you can cash in on this remarkable new opportunity!

Nothing like this has been seen yet, and no… this is not about making or developing GAME that you sell – it’s all about helping local businesses!

Register here for this awesome free webinar here.

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