Why do people like to use Facebook?

Facebook became part of our everyday life. Sometimes when we get up in the morning we check what our friends are up to even before going to the bathroom.

As most of the people, I’m sure that you want to know how Facebook, the biggest social media site can help you boost your online business. You can be a CPA marketer or an affiliate, you can be the seller of your own products or a consultant offering social media services … really doesn’t matter, as Facebook is the place to be an use for marketing.

The starting point of your marketing should be to understand why millions of users are on Facebook and they love every minute of it sharing their life and business experiences contributing to the growth and development of this online phenomenon.

The Facebook profiles offer marketers insights into the likes and dislikes of potential customers. This is beyond what any research company can do in terms of detail level because the users bare their souls to friends and acquaintances with unguarded and trusting remarks which can’t be obtained in a regular research process. Basically, this is the kind of environment Facebook fosters becoming a place where people can say what they feel without any fear of looking foolish.

As the fortune favours the brave and courageous, any business willing to reflect this community spirit of trust, openness and transparency of meaning can look forward to build a brand by using special relationships with Facebook users.

Facebook achieved as milestones 500 million users, than very fast 600 million users and the numbers are still growing each and every day. 7 out of every 10 users are actually spending at least 30 minutes of their time everyday for varying reasons. If we compare this with members of a site or forum where only around 30% are active, this means that only 30% post or contribute to the overall discussions. SocializeYourBusiness.com offers a free report about social media in 2011. You can download it for free here.

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