5 Secrets to Successful Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is the latest Web buzzword – it can also be as confusing as a tuk-tuk ride through Bangkok. Handle Crowdsourcing with care.

An increasing number of businesses are turning to Crowdsourcing to drive more efficient ideation, innovation and marketing. Not to mention Crowdsourcing as a next generation outsourcing/partnersourcing model. But how do you make it work?

Here are 5 secrets to successful Crowdsoursing:

1. Leadership – a crowd needs a strong leader and a clear, inspiring mission. Crowds form for a reason – not just for the hell of it!

2. A gaggle is not a crowd – until your crowd is at least 1,000 strong it will produce ad hoc results

3. Mixed, Generic crowds generally fail – focused, motivated and specialist crowds yield the best results – break any of these 3 rules at your peril

4. Building sustainable crowds – A sustainable crowd needs a win win model and to be treated with respect at all times. Overly competitive, dog eat dog Crowdsourcing models are bubbles waiting to burst. The Web equivalent of talent sweatshops. Use competition-only Crowdsourcing with care

5. Crowds are free – Crowdsourcing is not social networking or a stand alone Web community – you do not charge the Crowd for anything. You reward them – period.

Crowdsourcing has rapidly shifted from Web trend to a core business process innovation like outsourcing or internal marketing. An increasing number of businesses, large and small, are adopting it. And a crop of specialist Crowdsourcing start-ups are leading the way.

There is much to figure out. The Crowdsourcing movement has just begun. But it can change the way businesses and governments organize and create a more democratic, open environment for change. Let’s hope.

Source: www.blur-marketing.com

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