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Last month, I alerted you to an opportunity to invest in the Founder’s Guild memberships being made available at Carmelita in Belize. This was an appealing opportunity, evidenced by the fact that the developer at Carmelita, friend Phil Hahn, has closed out all the packages available (to Live and Invest Overseas Marketwatch members).

The interest in these investment packages was so great that Phil has decided to make additional packages available. Specifically, Phil has launched four additional US$50,000 packages this week.

In addition, he has created a new level of investment opportunity and is making four US$75,000 packages available, as well.

The US$50K package offer remains the same. Each investor receives two lots–one garden and one estate lot. The total current discounted value of the lots is US$52,000. This is slightly more than the amount of the investment, meaning you have back the value of your investment immediately.

In addition, each investor will be repaid his capital from initial retail lot sales.

The formula for the repayments is straightforward. Founder’s Guild members will receive, as a group, 50% of the net revenue from developer lot sales. Net revenue refers to revenue after discounts and sales commissions. The funds will be distributed quarterly to members on a pro-rated basis based on investment amount.

It’s a fairly secure investment. You get titled lots worth your initial investment up front, and you get your cash back over time. The developer projects the cash repayments will be complete within three years.

In other words, you double your money in three years.

The new US$75K packages also include two lots–one village lot with a discounted value of US$24,000 and one river village lot with a discounted value of US$52,000. For, again, a combined value of slightly more than the amount of your investment.

In my report on Carmelita last month, I explained that Phil’s plan for this riverfront development in the Cayo District of Belize is a sustainable community. Each house will be on solar power. The community will have gardens for growing residents’ own food. Houses will be built using local materials, including the beautiful Belizean hardwoods.

The first round of Founder’s Guild memberships went quickly. And Phil will be presenting these packages to attendees at our Live and Invest in Belize Conference next week.

I don’t expect these eight packages to be available very long.

This is an opportunity for a great return (the projected annualized ROI here is 24% if you sell your lots within three years at the discounted retail values I’ve quoted here) for a relatively low risk.

You can contact Phil here.

Lief Simon

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