New Social Network Games Developer and Publisher: Clubv3 Douglas, Isle of Man

Isle of Man-based clubv3 is a new social network games company founded by veterans of the video games industry, concentrating on making top quality and branded games for social networks, such as Facebook and Hi5.

With over thirty years’ experience making video games between the company’s two directors, clubv3 has a wealth of experience in making mass-market appeal games, integrating brands and localising products for multiple languages and territories.

Clubv3 has a complete system in place for social network games with an integrated micro-transaction system, full 3D avatar system and a highly flexible and dynamic development system, allowing long-lasting playability and adaptability of games.

“After initially developing and integrating our various technology platforms, we have started working on the initial line-up of games which will be going live from June on Facebook,” stated Dominic Mason, Director of clubv3. “Thanks to our platform-led development approach we can bring products to market quickly and effectively. This allows us to concentrate on ensuring the design effectivly in attracts players and is easy to adapt and expand after launch.”

Clubv3 is working on its own product line-up as well as working as a third party developer on a number of high profile products. The company has a consultative approach allowing partners to benefit from very high value team and rapid development time ? critical for bringing products to market rapidly.

Fellow director Richard M Holmes added “Clubv3’s management and development team have vast experience in handling brand integration and brand promotions within the games segment on an international level. The opportunity offered to brands as well as license properties on Facebook and other social network platforms is huge. At clubv3 we are looking forward to bringing our wealth of experience to social network games.”

For additional information on clubv3, in-depth information on its technology and its upcoming range of products, please email Clubv3’s website is live at

ABOUT CLUBV3 ? Club v3 Ltd is based in Douglas, Isle of Man. Clubv3 develops for all the major social networks.

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