What is Trash the Dress? A man’s perspective

Practically, Trash the Dress means a photo and video session made after the wedding when the bride and sometimes the groom appear dressed as in the event’s night but in very different situations.

The session can be made near a lake, in a forest, at the seaside, in other city, country, everywhere else, the most important aspect being to be as less conventional as possible.

As the name said you can have the impression that the bride will destroy the wedding dress. Gone are the days when a dress was kept for years and passed to the next generation. I saw pictures with brides painting their dresses or even cutting them so in this cases the dress is trashed for good.

The new husband and wife have the possibility to cut all the stress of the wedding preparation and to be themselves without limits and boundaries. Their spirits will join creatively to give births to a photo or video session to remember.

This concept started a new industry where the photographers are more likely fashion photographers than classical wedding photographers. Usually, Trash the Dress sessions are more expensive than the usual wedding session because it includes a lot of art, very distinctive shooting and the style of photographer can be recognised everywhere.

The stars love Trash the Dress and hire the most expensive photographers to make the best photos which eventually are sold after to the newspapers. This concept was born in the US but gather fans all over the world, Europe being a new market fascinated by this concept.

Here is a great source of Trash the Dress articles and wedding resources. If you will need Trash the Dress video or photo in Romania, please contact Dream Events agency.

source: http://www.trashthedress.ro, http://www.dream-events.ro, http://www.nuntidevis.com.

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