Social Media Framework

Have you ever thought about your social media framework?

Social media framework aids comprehension of workflow experiences by describing their components, it also optimizes social media workflow in an easier way since a framework may include components that are applicable to them all.

Why is it crucial that we care about this? Simply because badly designed processes lead to the slow and inefficient response of your audience, ineffective communication, wasted time, disappointing experiences and poor degree of engagement. (Not to mention driving yourself to nowhere) Here is how I do it:

Word Sharing: Share news resources, tools, best practices, tips and guides through social bookmarking platforms.
Twitter: Use it heavily for different purposes such as, RT useful links, WOM, spread the news, share insights with professionals, learn what is hot now, real-time conversations, gain more affluence and traffic in your social networking platforms, support interesting initiatives, building an outstanding reputation being taken into account in the field I work on, promote your blog, look for trends topics, getting ideas and enlightening tips from brilliant people.
Your effort and sacrifice deserves being showed and shared for the benefit of others: Posting papers, concepts, frameworks, reports, projects, strategies, marketing plans or campaigns I’ve developed, so the job people can get insights from them.
Knowledge don’t belongs to you nor me, but to the universe: Spread what you know, share what others shared with you, teach what you’re good at, learn from everybody, write about how you put in practice these campaigns or explain how you reached that conclusion, which made you successful, but above all, quote your resources!
LinkedIn: Use it insistently for giving and receiving feedback, reading interesting posts, and comment on them. Find your key connections and engage with them, share ideas in the groups discussions, also participating in Q&A (either giving advice or receiving it). This should increase your visibility and it will improve the chances of being contacted.
Facebook: Aim it to talk and engage with your friends. Create lists, giving a different degree of permission to your crowd and segmenting the information according to the content you usually share with them.
The Wave: Use Google Wave for collaborative tasks, developing projects, exchanging ideas, brainstorming, conceptualizing campaigns and seeing how others can enhance your work.
Timing: Your blog, Do you love it? No? You must, because it’s the place where all your efforts, time, money and even romantic relationships are going to end up. All you do on Social Media has being meaningful to your blog. If not, I suggest you may want to reconsider your strategy. Give him a personality, a sense of humor, a purpose, a regularity, a bottle of Möet if he wants it and you’ll have your reason to give the very best of yourself in this URL.
Managing and optimizing: It is essential to define your strategy, set your goals and to monitor your results but, it is vital not to be overwhelmed by its magnitude. Hence, write down every procedure, pattern or system you follow to implement your social media workflow and start developing a schedule with all the tasks you performs every day, together with the time spent, the activities, the allowance, restrictions, and of course, deviations.
Plan for failure: If it doesn’t work, try changing and adjusting things to your needs. I know how it works to me, for you instead it can be slightly different. Be aware that you need to have hundred of bad ideas to have 1 or 2 great ideas. Do you get the idea?
Guest post @Israel Garcia

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