11 Tips and Advices to Empower Your Video Marketing Efforts

Videos are one of the best method to present and promote online products and services. At the beginning of the internet the search engines indexed only texts but in the recent past due to the explosion of the rich media, also pictures and movies uploaded started to be indexed.

And you know that if a picture or a video is of interest to somebody, it is immediately shared through Social Media sites and becomes viral almost immediately. That’s why you need to be prepared for your movie to be shared on other websites and blogs.

We gathered 11 tips and advices which will empower your video marketing efforts.

1. Accompany the films uploaded with all the details – author, title, description and keywords;
2. Introduce the word “video” in the filename;
3. Include links with articles on the same topic and also related clips in the page where you post them;
4. Use general SEO principles for optimizing, one movie for every url, unique urls if possible;
5. Your site needs to load faster so use the embed capabilities of the player;
6. Allow visitors to bookmark your video, rate them, comment on them, embed the to their websites and blogs;
7. Upload them to the main video sharing websites;
8. Create a site map of the movie using mRSS feed;
9. In the texts surrounding our creation use the keywords of interest to be optimized for the search engines;
10. For knowing which keywords are relevant use the regular keyword tools;
11. In any web activity you need to track the performances of your actions so use a tool to track your visitors;

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