How to Accelerate Your Wealth in Three Steps

All the people from this world, no matter the colour, religion of nationality fit in one of these three categories:

1. The “I am poor and I will be poor forever” and not just money poor but health, success and relationships poor, growth poor;
2. The “I constantly create more abundance day after day” type;
3. The “I’ll get it overnight” person;

Let’s analyze a little these three categories to extract the best learning aspects from them:

1. “I am poor and I will be poor forever”
Doesn’t matter which are the reasons for this situation. Leave all the old programming behind, move forward and decide for yourself that “You will be rich”. This statement have to vibrate from all the cells of your body. Just choose one of the other two categories and go ahead. If you will not do this, your only option is to remain at the “always be poor” stage.

So start imagine wealth coming to you, place an ardently desire, sincerely believe and act with enthusiasm and the abundance and wealth will not pass you by. All these pieces have to work together as an assembly. It is not about working harder, but success always implies work but to work in a smart way.

2. “I constantly create more abundance day after day” type;
If you have a chance in life to escape from poverty and transform all your minuses in pluses and you don’t make anything in this respect, who is to be blamed? Only yourself!
How will be your life if you will be rich with success, health, relationships, personal and spiritual growth?

3. “I’ll get it overnight”
Many people enjoyed sudden, undeniable wealth. They just modified some aspects in their life and these actions triggered the wealth for them.

1. Clean up your life!
Don’t let the past to control your future. If you have bad experiences in the past this doesn’t mean that you will have the same failures in the future. You had to learn some lessons, keep the conclusions for yourself but go ahead in life. The time you live now will not come back anymore!

2. Manifest your desires!
Start with illustrating! If you live in a small room you can manifest a 5 million dollars mansion or a 3 bedroom apartment. Of course, the more believable the goal, the easier is to manifest. Once you start manifesting on a daily basis, grow your goals, start the ball rolling and you will see that success breeds success.

3. Deal with stuff that will happen!
Many happenings will come in your life that will throw you in not so pleasant situations. Deal with all of them in a way that will help you move forward not block you!

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