Laptop-ers not allowed

The other days I saw in Yahoo News an interesting article about the new policy of some US-based coffee shops for taking out the plugs so the laptop-ers not to have posibility to spend hours there surfing the web. They said that is a recession issue because they come, order a coffee, connect with the free wi-fi network and ocupy a table for a long period. Especially for the owners of an online business, staying in the coffee shop and working seems to be a part of a daily routine. One of the advantages of the newest online technologies is that almost everybody at a medium level of technical skills can run an internet business. Nowadays there are platforms where you will not only host your website, e-shop or blog, but you will receive more. If you buy a domain through one of these platforms will have options to effectively build the site or blog using the platform’s resources and you will not pay for the hosting. These features will help you starting with a low budget and position yourself at an above average level because the platforms incorporate the newest tools in building digital content. The internet is full of income-opportunities and training programs which promise you a 7 figures online business. Some of them are real and some not. Before entering any of these training programmes we reccomend check the forums, blogs and websites for feedbacks and testimonials from people who tested the programs to be able to be sure that you will draw awinning card.

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