From Costa Del Este To Casco Viejo…Choosing A Panama City Address

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It’s not enough to choose a country for your retirement abroad, I explained to conference attendees during my “Your New Life In Panama” presentation today. It’s not even enough to choose a particular city within a country.

When you make a move overseas, you’ve got to choose a neighborhood…a particular address.

Take Panama City, for example. You aren’t going to relocate to Panama City.

You’re going to build a new life for yourself…where?

Here are the nine neighborhoods I’d suggest you consider, each offering a very different day-to-day lifestyle:

1. Costa del Este. Near the airport. This is a suburban area, fast growing, with its own grocery stores, schools, and other services. Your options here are homes and a few high-rise condo towers.

2. Punta Pacifica. A high-end area on a peninsula that juts into the Pacific Ocean. This exclusive neighborhood is near to malls and offices and home to the most luxury high-rise condos in Panama City. Fantastic ocean views. 

3. Punta Paitilla. Next to and similar to Punta Pacifica, this small peninsula is older and more established, with trees and gardens and parks. There are few new offerings, so here you’re shopping mostly for resales, some luxury and many with fantastic views of the city and the ocean. Good choice if you have children.

4. Avenida Balboa. The banking and business center along this main oceanside boulevard is the heart of Panama City and home of Panama’s business elite.  Skyscraper offices and condos offer towering views of the Pacific and Casco Viejo. This is the place to shop for the city’s most expensive real estate…and most rentable rentals.

5. Casco Viejo. This is Panama’s City’s jewel…the part of town where the French hung their hats while making their attempt to build a canal across the isthmus. The streets are paved with bricks, and everywhere you wander leads to the water. Architecture is Spanish and French colonial. Lovely plazas and squares, plus galleries, restaurants, and cafes with tables out on the sidewalks. For many, this World Heritage Site enclave is by far the most appealing region in all Panama City. Others find it dull, for the casinos and nightclubs are across the way, in the center of downtown. Casco Viejo is quiet, by comparison.

6. Amador Causeway. Top nightlife, boating, and tourism area, home to several new condo projects. This long, narrow point stretches out to the sea and greets ships as they enter the Canal. Sweeping views back to the mainland city and Casco Viejo. Great place to go bike riding on Sunday mornings. Quiet, pleasant, and tree-lined.

7. Albrook. This former military (Air Force) base has been converted to a residential area with one-story homes with large yards. Renovated former officer’s homes and newly constructed houses and condos enjoy lots of greenery and a country feel despite being just minutes from the city.

8. Clayton. A former military (Army) base home now to the City of Knowledge. Nice rural housing and lots for sale. Lots of green space and a slower, more residential and suburban feeling that can make a lot of sense for families and retirees.

9. El Cangrejo. This residential neighborhood with slight elevation and parks has several new high-rise condos under construction and being delivered. Great option if you’re thinking about investing in a rental.

Kathleen Peddicord

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