Submit To Yahoo Directory: Getting into the Yahoo Directory

To submit to Yahoo directory there are two submission options: “Standard,” which is free, and “Yahoo Directory Submit,” which involves a submission fee. If you own a non-commercial website then you can use the standard submission option. There is no guarantee that any Yahoo editor will ever get to review your site considering the volume of sites that are submitted every day.

If you want a faster turnaround to get your website indexed quicker then you can go for the paid option even in the non-commercial category. The fee is $299 to submit to Yahoo Directory. The fee for the non-commercial category is one time and is called the submission fee. You will not be refunded the money even if your site is rejected.

For the non-commercial category ensure the following to avoid rejection:

1. The website is not overtly commercial
2. Fully functional site with no broken links or under construction pages
3. User friendly and browser friendly website.

If your website fulfills the above criteria your site will be reviewed and included in the index in about 7-10 business days.

There are many advantages to being listed in the Yahoo Directory. One is there are higher chances of your website being listed in the main results of Yahoo – which are powered by the Yahoo Crawler and also that of other search engines like Google and MSN.

If your site is a purely commercial site and you wish to submit to Yahoo Directory you will have to pay yearly submission fee of $299. This does not guarantee your site’s inclusion in the Yahoo directory but most decent sites are accepted provided they satisfy the criteria mentioned above for the non-commercial category.

Every year your site will be re-evaluated after you pay the submission fee and either listed or rejected. You can include your site for a year and then check your traffic and revenue stats to see if you really want to continue being in the Yahoo directory. If it is not worth the money then you decline to be listed. You won’t be charged in that case.

If you site got indexed and ranked by virtue of being in Yahoo directories then as long as your site has right on-page and off-page factors it will continue being there even if you longer wish to continue in the Yahoo directory.

Also, being in the top rankings may have got you lot of links from other sites, you might run a linking campaign to get lots of new links for your site, you might have loads of new, quality and relevant content to your site. If you have done all this chances of your being dropped from the indexes are remote.

The Yahoo Directory Submission Process:

Once you have finished designing and constructing your website to the last detail it is simple to submit to Yahoo Directory.  For the free submission just click on “Suggest a Site” link that appears at the top page. This will bring up the submission form. Just fill it and you are done.

For the commercial category use the Yahoo Directory Submit Form. Enter the details of your website, pay the submission fee and in about 7-10 business days you should hear from Yahoo about your inclusion or rejection.

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