Directory Submission Software Makes Directory Submissions Fast And Easy

There are dozens of directory submission software available on the Internet today. They make the work of submitting your websites to hundreds of directories really simple.

1. If you have to submit websites by hand you need to first compile the list of the thousands of directories that exist on the web. This itself can take you days if not months of work.

2. Some directories require you to register.

3. Logging in and filling in your details by hand in each of these directories submission forms can take you months of work.

With automated directory submission software most of the work is done for you. The software creator has already compiled the list of directories. By filling in a generic form presented to you before you start your submission process the software collects most of the details that will needed by majority of the websites.

It automatically fills in the details and only prompts you to fill added details as required by a few web directories. Some directory submission software even allow for multiple descriptions, titles and keywords listings, which can be used randomly so you are not penalized for similar linking text and descriptions.

Using the directory submission software you can gain thousands of one-way links in a week or less. Hand submissions can take you months to get to the same level. Some software even allows multiple site submissions. That is you can program it so you can submit many websites urls with different descriptions, titles and keywords to hundreds of web and link directories.

Once you key in all the details you can let the software take over and you can do your other work as the directory submission software finishes the work for you. This kind of software saves tons of time and is great value for money.

Since you will be submitting your website to directories that are categorized or themed, you will be getting links from pages that have similar websites. These one-way links from themed relevant pages will be valued higher than reciprocal links and your site will get a boost in rankings.

Incidentally you might get some traffic directly from your submissions to directory sites but don’t depend on it. Once your submissions are completed and you get the link backs, your site will automatically rank high and get more traffic from the search engines. That is the real benefit.

As your site is included in hundreds of web directories across the web search engines spiders start picking up your website – based on the onsite factors and also boosted by the number of back links your site will start appearing in more and more search engine results.

By using a combination of article submission software, blog submission software and directory submission software you can get your website hundreds of quality one-way links that are highly valued by search engines. You don’t need to spend years in getting these links but just a few days or at the most a week or two.

Get the advantage of automated directory submission software and save time and effort which you can use for better purposes like marketing and selling stuff on your website.


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