10 Steps To Increase Your Google Pr

There is no secret behind the success you can have by increasing your Google pr, but the true secret is how you can do so. There is an array of different ways you can increase your Google pr, but persistence and using a combination of several methods will help you climb up the search engine and increase your pr faster. So, here’s how to increase your Google pr.

1. Link exchange
If you link to other sites that are similar to yours, your Google pr will rise because of the multiple links you have pointing back at your site. If you link to sites unrelated to yours, Google will penalize you.

2. Content
The kind of content you produce goes a long way. If you can offer fresh and enticing content to your readers, more than likely you will get a frequent return base to see what else you have to offer, which Google loves.

3. Forums
Posting in forums is a great way to spread your knowledge across the Web and advertise your products and business at the same time. A lot of forums allow signatures where you can link your site and refer people to it, which in turn will generate more traffic and increase your Google pr.

4. Blogs
Having a blog associated with your website is almost essential today. How to increase your Google pr from blogs is by consistently posting new ideas and thoughts every day, offering advice and answering questions, and obviously promoting your business.

5. Article writing
Article writing is one of the best ways out there to increase your Google pr. You have the ability to spread your knowledge, use keyword optimization, submit the article to thousands of article directories, and spread your website link through the resource box.

6. Write reviews
As crazy as it may sound, your Google pr can and will go up if you write reviews on anything. Whether it is on movies, books or sports games, the key is subtly placing the link to your website in it.

7. Affiliate programs
Affiliate programs can increase your Google pr, but it can also hurt it as well. It is vital that you join a successful affiliate program that correlates with your website; otherwise you will see your Google pr drop.

8. Free
All you have to do is put up the word free and people are immediately interested. By sending a free e-book out through an auto-responder or free articles for a week, you will generate a high volume of traffic just to receive the FREE item.

9. Newsletter
A newsletter is a great way to increase your Google pr because it keeps visitors involved and continuously keeps them up to date with what is going on in your business.

10. Keyword optimization
Keyword optimization is about the most difficult way to increase your Google pr, but it can potentially raise it the most. By targeting specific keywords throughout your entire website and in all of your content and articles, you will slowly rise to the top of the search engines.

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