Ibiza Clubs – Space

History: The first daytime club on the island, now open virtually all the time during summer season. The legend of the outdoor Terrace is part of club folklore, but today’s multi-dancefloor day and night venue has moved on to become one of the most intense, popular and downright amazing clubbing experiences in the world. Home of the iconic opening and closing parties of the season and still growing in size every year.

Famous for: In one word: Terrace. The beloved original may have been razed to the ground but the epic dance palace that stands in its place is already one of the best rooms in the world. Plus the new ‘Sunset’ Terrace feels uncannily like its predecessor, giving us our al fresco disco fix.

Vibe: Non-stop party.

Crowd: Every nation seems to ‘own’ Space as their favourite club, with a healthy mix of languages, looks and attitudes to be found among the many thousands passing through over the course of a 22-hour session.

Do: Prepare to go nuts and find yourself hugging a strange Italian guy when a Boeing 737 roars over the Sunset Terrace just as the bass kicks in. There’s nothing quite like it.

Don’t: Spend all your time moving around from one dancefloor to another, you’ve got hours in here! Try settling for a proper dance in the immense dark Discoteca, the soundsystem is phenomenal.

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