Ibiza Clubs – Privilege

History: Guinness World Record holder as the largest nightclub in the world, fitting up to 10,000 people, this is another Ibizan venue that grew from a small disco into an epic nightlife village. Known as Ku in the glory days when Freddie Mercury performed to a live global TV audience and Grace Jones danced naked in the rain, the addition of a roof to control noise pollution saw some lean years, but then came the mighty Manumission.

Famous for: To one clubbing generation it’s those glittering celebrity parties of the 70s, to another it’ll always be about the inspired mass madness of Manumission, those infamous sex shows and blockbuster stage productions. This summer has the most exciting list of parties lined up for years.

Vibe: A space this big can be a bit flat when it’s not full, but when it’s rammed, fireworks and fountains are going off and performers swinging from the roof it’s a truly unbelievable experience.

Crowd: From curious Ibiza virgins to the hardened party faithful, there’s room for everyone at this nightly spectacle that every serious clubber needs to see in their lifetime.

Do: Check out the toilets at Manumission nights, which are legendary for having their own DJ and a rocking little (out)house party all of their own.

Don’t: Loose your friends. The odds of ever finding them again when you’re in the world’s biggest club, it’s packed, going off and you’re all off your maracas, are very slim indeed.

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