Ibiza Clubs – Es Paradis

History: A stunning vision for a nightclub. Whitewashed stonework, roman columns, fountains and lush tropical plants all housed in a giant glass pyramid with retractable roof. Created as an equally hip alternative to Pacha in the 70s until San Antonio became a major package holiday destination and legions of loony ravers pretty much took over.

Famous for: The Fiesta Del Aqua, which turns the beautiful sunken dancefloor into a swimming pool, and the end of the night into a giant water fight to music.

Vibe: One of the most varied mixtures of different nights on the island, ranging from trance mayhem to bumping R&B.

Crowd: 3000 up for it, generally young and British clubbers looking for a good time involving big tunes and a bit of a fumble in the undergrowth.

Do: Flirt outrageously. The sunken dancefloor is one of the best spots ever conceived for cheeky eye-contact across the room as everyone is facing into the middle.

Don’t: Dive headfirst into the ‘pool’ when it fills up, there’s a stone floor down there, plus all the muck that a night of wild party abandon has left swilling around.

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