Ibiza Clubs – El Divino

History: Built to appeal to the yachting crowd who moor up alongside it all summer, this (relatively) small venue is where many established promoters first cut their teeth on the island. A gorgeous location with spectacular views make it popular these days with everyone looking for a bit of glam with their big room tunes.

Famous for: Its waterfront location, including an exclusive boat service that ferries clubbers across from the other side of the port – the most stylish way to make your entrance!

Vibe: Less hectic and freaky than most of the other big clubs, more like a big Saturday night out in London or Milan fused with the endless summer holiday vibe of the Balearics.

Crowd: Up to 1500 beautiful people, all happily out-glamming each other.

Do: Snap pictures of yourself from the terrace with castle of D’Alt Vila lit up across the water in the background – it’ll make your friends back home sick with envy.

Don’t: Turn up straight from the beach in jeans and an old t-shirt. This is El Divino, baby.

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