Ibiza Clubs – DC 10

can certainly be said to hold its own as a result of Monday mornings prized Circo Loco parties. These started off as free events in a crumbling old barn, but word soon spread. Now, in spite of the no frills location and door charge, this is where the planet’s most professional hedonists come to really cut loose.

Famous for: Utterly shameless merry making, including stage-diving DJs, pogo-ing club freaks and a whole host of seriously colourful regulars, all partying while most of us are usually hard at work in the office.

Vibe: Not for the faint hearted. Seasoned clubbers dominate and the music is just about the most cutting edge in the world. Visiting DJs often beg to play sets here for no fee.

Crowd: Like one big dysfunctional but happy family. Often the whole terrace will spontaneously sit during a breakdown, then jump up again, as up to 1500 beaming nutjobs all party as one.

Do: Get stuck into the spirit of lunacy. Bring something completely outrageous to wear, some comedy props and prepare for some tip top nonsense.

Don’t: Overdo it. Pushing on through the outdoor heat on a Monday can get a little too messy if you’re not careful. Luckily security are some of the most friendly and efficient beefcakes around.

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