Ibiza Clubs – Amnesia

History: The first major outdoor club on the island. Where young tourists Danny Rampling and Paul Oakenfold famously skipped around hand in hand to DJ Alfredo’s Balearic music before going home and kick-starting the acid house era. It doesn’t get more seminal than that, and the place continues to be hugely influential today, hosting key long-running nights.

Famous for: The giant ice cannon, so powerful it blasts a packed dancefloor to freezing point in five seconds. The same space is also renowned for the bubbly silliness of regular foam parties.

Vibe: For DJ hero worship, the main booth is a classic. It’s favoured by the biggest of the big names for serious interaction with crowd, meaning things constantly erupt into scenes of mayhem.

Crowd: A loyal following. It can get unbelievably hectic on the main nights when more than 5000 people fill every inch of floor.

Do: Stay until morning for sunrise on the legendary terrace. It may be encased in glass now but dancing in the sunshine (while air conditioned!) with a load of battered but beaming new international friends takes some beating.

Don’t: Attempt to walk along the main road outside (this is true outside DC-10 and other venues too). There have been many accidents on the stretch up to Privilege although a new tunnel is hoped to ease the problems.

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