Piraeus Bank acquires 51% of Capital Partners

Piraeus Bank has just acquired, following a complex agreement that covers regional expansion, asset management and capital markets operations, 51% of Capital Partners and has an option for the remainder. Piraeus, listed on Athens stock exchange, is the 4th largest bank in Greece and a very strong player in the Balkans.

Following the agreement, which is subject to regulatory approvals, Capital Partners will become the regional investment banking hub of Piraeus Bank group for South Eastern Europe and the current senior management of the company will continue to run the business.

Doru Lionachescu, Andrei Diaconescu, Victor Capitanu and Vlad Busila, the staff signing this press release from Behalf of Capital Partners is confident that this strategic development of the company will bring only benefits to its customers given its affiliation now with one of the most dynamic financial groups in Europe.

This news and the people behind it are fully entitled to fit in “Romanians of the Day” section! Congratulations!

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