Piraeus Bank acquires 51% of Capital Partners

Piraeus Bank has just acquired, following a complex agreement that covers regional expansion, asset management and capital markets operations, 51% of Capital Partners and has an option for the remainder. Piraeus, listed on Athens stock exchange, is the 4th largest bank in Greece and a very strong player in the Balkans. Following the agreement, which is subject to regulatory approvals, Capital Partners will become the regional investment banking hub of Piraeus Bank group for South Eastern Europe and the current senior management of the company will continue to run the business. Doru Lionachescu, Andrei Diaconescu, Victor Capitanu and Vlad Busila, … Continue reading Piraeus Bank acquires 51% of Capital Partners

Yahoo stocks, buy at 24 and sell at 34 $!!!

From the start I want to tell tou that I am not a specialist in stock transactions but I am eager to update my knowledge in this field. Yesterday I attended a private seminar held by Capital Partners a.s. în collaboration with Capital Group of Central Europe l.t.d. The seminar was excellent for my intentions of kowing more about this domain. They are really rpofessionals and I need to congratulate them for this. It was stated like one of the biggest opportunities of the moment to buy Yahoo stocks at 24 and to sell them at 34$. This seems like … Continue reading Yahoo stocks, buy at 24 and sell at 34 $!!!