Happy birthday, Madonna

Madonna reached an incredible age – 50 years old having in mind how she looks, how she sings and how much vitality has during her live shows. Apart from her declaration that from the spiritual point of view she has 36 she is the perfect example for the declaration that age doesn’t matter … the attitude is the most important frame of mind. This is a perfect oportunity to remember the opening act of VMA back in the days when she kisssed Britney and Christina Aguilerra. I will recall the declarations of the two freshmen after were kissed by the … Continue reading Happy birthday, Madonna

Fatboy Slim show preview

In something like the Romanian Guiness Book of Records, Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim should fill the position for “The DJ Gathering more than 20,000 people on a beach”. If we as a small country on earth, set the record of 20,000, other nations gathered 10 times more people at similar events. Check this out: … nice crowd, Norman man!!! Put your hands up for Brazil… good catch!!! The intro from the first beach Fatboy Slim concert in Mamaia is posted somewhere on my own MySpace Page. Continue reading Fatboy Slim show preview

Indiggo – girls with attitude

Mrs. Modorcea was my Russian language teacher in high-school. I have only nice memories regarding that period. Unfortunately, my Russian is not OK because I didn’t practice this language but I truly remember the classical music auditions during some of the lessons. At that time I started DJ-ing, and going to the radio station was the best excuse for not preparing the homeworks or not attending the classes. This lady is surely no.1 in my prefferences regarding the high school teachers I had. A very good professional, a kind person, and a true pupils-oriented team player. I know her twin … Continue reading Indiggo – girls with attitude