The Hundred Thousand Dollar Dentist Visit: Money From Viral

A seven-year-old kid goes to the dentist to have a tooth removed and feels woozy as the anaesthetic gradually wears off. Dad records his kid’s verbal ramblings for two minutes. Video ends up on YouTube in January 2009. It goes viral.

Just over a year later the Dad has a thriving internet business off the back of one video shot on a camera phone.  True story.

Who are these people? Where did they come from? What was the dad’s motive for filming his son in this state? And how did this translate into a hundred thousand dollar money-making marketing venture?! Let’s find out.

First, somewhat confusingly, father and son have the same name: David DeVore. So, from this point on, we’ll call them David Sr and David Jr. The DeVore’s are from Orlando, Florida and David Sr’s line of work revolved around real estate.

What was the inspiration?

David Jr had been suffering from hyperdontia– the presence of an extra tooth. David Sr filmed the footage to reassure his wife (who was involved in a meeting) that the dental procedure had gone to plan and there was no reason to be unduly concerned. He posted his findings (to his friends’ amusement) on Facebook, and then later on YouTube. His. Very. First. Post.
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