4 Major Reasons to Market Online

Today I found a very interesting article about 4 major reasons to market online:

Here are 4 major reasons why the Internet should be a significant part of your overall marketing strategy:

Reason # 1: People Are Spending MORE Money Online

According to a comScore research report, the number of people actually searching for products and services online increased by 21% in 2008. So the Internet is a growing trend and more and more of your prospects and customers likely to look for you

It’s convenient and a great way for them to save time and often save money too. Remember that a lot of people are time-poor in today’s hectic 24/7 society. Having more people searching for your product and service is one thing. The important question is: are they spending more money online? A comScore study reported that US e-commerce spending in 2008 reached a staggering $214.4 billion – a 7% increase over the previous year. So importantly, more people are spending more money online too – they’re not just lookie-loos and information seekers. They’ve got cash to spend and they’re going to spend it online
somewhere the only question is: will it be with you or your competitors? And the most popular search engine? Continue reading “4 Major Reasons to Market Online”