3 Reasons To Launch An Online Course If You’re Offering Services

I made a pause publishing on the blog which is now over and I would like to start with “3 Reasons to launch an online course if you’re offering services”. I’ve struggled for months and even years to create and sell online courses, the learning curve was not easy but it worked fortunately and in the next period besides working on my own courses I want to help action-taker professionals to launch successfully theirs.

I’ve been in dark corners multiple times bursting with stress and anxiety but all the time I’ve found a way to go further and my work I perform online  was in many cases the proper medicine. I am a little bit of workaholic and sometimes my family suffers due to this habit but as I’ve transform a lot of my consulting work into inline content, courses and products I am able to free some of the work time and put it back towards the family. My work will still take a lot of time, I believe in its purpose to push the humanity forward so will continue to do my best.

If you are a high level professional selling high ticket services you may consider the idea of creating an online course as an entry gate to your expertise.

The big picture is that the market for online courses will continue to grow. Global Market Insights projects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5 percent, leading to an e-learning market that will exceed $200 billion by 2024. Technavio projects a more modest — but still not trivial — CAGR of 2% annually.

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I just created a video about “3 Reasons to launch an online course if you’re offering services” and will appreciate your feedback!

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