How to build a new type of list with Push Response (less than 2% of marketers are using this)

Google, Apple and Firefox released a new technology which allows you to get way more traffic and sales by sending messages directly to people’s computer desktops and to android mobile devices.

Facebook, Amazon, eBay and other big companies already have push notification software which grows their traffic and sales, but until now there was no dedicated solution for marketers, entrepreneurs and online businesses.

This is why Push Response was created

Push Response is the software which allows you to build a list of
people who visited your website and broadcast promotions to them
without the use of email.

push response

So, with the use of Push Response your are no longer forced to rely exclusively on email to be able to promote to your subscribers.Push Response not only allows you to send app like notifications without an app, but is has autoresponder like features on top of it.



It has similar features to email autoresponder, but instead of sending emails you can send messages straight to a prospect’s computer desktop and android device.

The prospect doesn’t even have to be on their browser or your website to receive them.

You can build push notification list, and just like with an email list, you can then promote your offers to that list.

You can create lists, follow-up sequences, instant & scheduled broadcasts, broadcasts to people who did not click previous broadcast, and much more.

Push Response allows you to send unlimited messages, create unlimited lists, create unlimited follow up sequences, and use geo targeting.

Click here to watch the demo

To get messages people do not have to install anything.

All they have to do is a single click or tap, and they will be added to your notification list.

Messages display both image and text, which subscribers can click to go right to your website or affiliate offer.

Those messages are delivered to prospects in real-time, so they can instantly take action.

Push Response is extremely easy to add to your website or blog.

All you have to do is to copy paste a line of code once.

That’s all it takes to start building your notification list with Push Response.



Push Response direct message broadcast is a new way to reach website visitors to skyrocket traffic and sales.

With ever increasing onslaught on email inbox, it is really hard
to get people attention to open an email, and then click a link

While email broadcast will remain important, all methods to boost traffic and sales should be used at the same time.

Push Response cuts through distraction and enables instant messaging and response.

You would get way more traffic and sales after Push Response is added to your promo mix.

If you run a webinar or have time limited special offer, push notification does much better job than email, which can be opened after event or special offer already ended.

Message broadcast is a future of direct marketing, and with Push Response notifications showing on top of all opens apps, there is no better technology to instantly cut through distractions, and have your marketing message seen.

Click here to watch the demo

Before I tell you more about Push Response system, let me tell you why you are losing traffic and sales without message autoresponder.

Push Response opens a new way to collect subscribers and to promote to both those who did not subscribe with an email, and, as extra promo push, to those who get both emails and messages.

Until now visitors to your opt-in page had only two choices, either to subscribe or leave.

Those who left did not want to share with you their email address.

The main reasons people do not share their email address is privacy and the effort it takes to type the email, especially on a mobile device.

No matter how good your opt-in form copywriting is, the majority of people leave anyway.

On the other hand allowing push notification with single click or tap on mobile device does not require submitting any personal info and takes almost no effort.

You can use Push Response in additions to opt-in form, and by itself everywhere where adding opt-in form would be a distraction from the content or marketing message.

Collecting subscribers with Push Response is very effective also on exit pages, and the pages receiving any type of cold traffic including from ads.

For most marketers the money is in the list, and the bigger the list, the more sales they make.

With the use of Push Response you can expand beyond just an email list, and build very responsive push notification list to boost sales and profits.

Push Response software was created by the same team of people who previously created marketing software used by tens of thousands of marketers in their businesses.

Ever since we have released the very first version of our email list building software back in 2006, one of the most submitted development requests, has been to create an app with the ability to message people directly.

It was impossible to do until Google and Apple made it possible
last year with Firefox following them later.

After almost a year of development by the team of our top software engineers, the Push Response was created, and we can finally fulfill that request.

Now we invite you to bring your sales and profits to the next

Click here to watch the demo

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