Catch me live in two hours at The Authority Super Summit

I will be live in two hours at The Authority Super Summit speaking about how to build your Authority using Linkedin and sell high ticket products and services.

You can join here for free the online event where I will speak along +100 awesome speakers!

My speech and the entire event are about giving value and helping you to really build and develop your Authority profile.

authority summit

The Authority Super Summit is a 3-day, live, Guinness World Record-breaking, virtual event where the best and the brightest in the world of branding, marketing, and sales come together to share their best insights into what it takes to become an authority (i.e. someone people seek out to work with) in your niche or industry. 

The Authority Super Summit is streaming live NOW, and if you haven’t logged in yet, you are seriously missing out.

Click here to join!

Here’s just some of what you’re going to learn over the next 3 days…

  • How Melissa Krivachek got featured on CNN, Forbes, Yahoo Finance and dozens of other media outlets
  • How Navid Moazzez organized “the world’s largest personal branding summit” which featured over 85 of the leading experts in personal branding, marketing, and digital media.
  • How Dan Norris sold 12,000+ copies of his Amazon bestselling book The 7 Day Startup –in its first week.
  • How Josh Elledge regularly appeared on television and radio (and how you can, too)
  • How John Lee Dumas created, grew, and monetized his podcast “Entrepreneur On Fire”and turned it into a million¬ dollar business
  • How Michael Hauge leveraged his skillset to connect with Hollywood actors like Will Smith, Julie Roberts and Morgan Freeman
  • How Dave Nevogt runs his 6¬figure business – with a team of 30+ remote employees
  • How Michael Kawula grew 2 multi¬million dollar businesses
  • How John Jonas replaced himself through outsourcing (and DOUBLED his income)

And of course much more.

We are WELL on our way breaking the Guinness World Record…and it’s not too late to become part of it.

Watch the Authority Super Summit now

Trust me: You can’t afford to miss this.


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