True story: $750K in debt 60 days from bankruptcy to owning several profitable companies & 8 best-selling books including The Unemployed Millionaire

Life is a roller coaster when you can go as high as only the imagination can take you but in the same time as low as in your worst nighmares. And many of what we see as quote and quote successes are built upon desperate times and tragedy which seemen without solution at a certain moment.

And yet, we, as human beings have the immense capacity to dust off and rebuild ourselves from massive failures and go from rags to riches in the shortest time possible and build something huge from there. I’ve asked myself multiple times why these things are happening the way they happen and the only feasible explanation I got came from Tony Robbins – life has its seasons, true story. I didn’t want to share this story to put you in a certain emotional state and sell you something at the end, no, no, no. The reason I shared is this.

you should be here

I’ve met Melissa Krivachek who is a bestselling author last year when was interviewed for one of her books and we remained in close contact since then. Recently she started a podcast ”The Millionaire Hot Seat” about … millionaires and their stories in 10 questions over 30 minutes.  So in episode eleven of The Millionaires Hot Seat Matt Morris takes the hot seat. After building his own multi-million dollar network marketing company and going $750K in debt 60 days from bankruptcy he joined World Ventures and re-created the success he previously had while paying off his debts. Now he owns several companies, has 8 best-selling books including ‘The Unemployed Millionaire’, speaks on stages in front of thousands of people across the world and hangs out with his beautiful wife and 3 children. Enjoy the podcast episode by clicking here!

Now let me explained why I shared this. And I am writing this article at 3.30 AM because I woke up with the idea of starting the day in a meaningful way. So one of the best way to start this way is to share something which will motivate you, to show you what’s possible and to give you ideas, tips and strategies to build your life and business further. Right?

So first, when you want to take your life, your business, income and wealth to the next level you need to have a vision. A big vision. And you will need one or more vehicles to reach that vision. A vehicle can be your own company or a group of companies or leading a multinational company, write a book, a dozens of books, creating courses and s.o. I can tell from my own experiences and from the experiences of the  people I know – many of them in the super dupper achiever category that there isn’t the perfect vehicle or the perfect set of vehicles for evetrybody. You have to find ways or build ways to get there. I won’t lie you that it would be easy. No, it will not be. And sometimes it is so hard that so many people will not leave their comfort zones and start building and achieving their real dreams. Why? Because in this process you may have days when putting food on the table will be an issue or when the bill collectors will hunt you down or you will reach massive despression stages. And when that happens, by the way, the Mother Nature itself is questioning your limits you have to step-up, go further, keep the vision there, optimize and adjust what you are doing and s.o.

And gosh, for me, and for the people I’m speaking to ion stages I need to know and learn how the turaround are built. Because by sharing strategies and ideas about turnaround you can save lives, stop people from suicidal attempts, keep families together, save businesses and make this world a much better place. So yes, it is a very, very valuable skill.

I believe in the strategy (yes, it is not by happening, it is by design) to create multiple streams of income. First, we as human beings can focus on a limited number of opportunities which can be called active income streams. We can grow from there and in the process will need teams of people so they could concentrate on their specific job requirements and get the things done.

But we can develop as many passive income streams as possible: websites, online courses, real estate generating rental income and s.o. The network marteking industry offers second to none opportunities to build passive income streams by leveraging proven products and services, systems, teams and relationships. And by working full time or part time with a network marketing company you will learn one of the most valuable skills: how to overcome rejection and to be ok with the fact that you may get ten no’s until you will get a yes. And sometimes, at the beginning of the learning curve you may get 100 no#s until the first yes.

I have to say that for me ”network marketing” had and still has a negative connotation. Why, because I was chased multiple times to recruiting events, received samples after samples and was hard sold – and didn’t work. And also I went to events seeing regular people screaming on stage and I says – I don’t want to fool myself this way. But in the process, building my dreams, companies and projects and becoming a personal development resources eater I heard something. I heard people like Donald Trump speaking about the importance of having as a stream of income a network company type one. I didn’t say full job, I said one of the income streams, so I started to search to see what will make me thick. And I found the one which is highlighted in the podcast.

You can join me here. It was based on travel so initially the membership helped me to optimise my travel budgets by spending less and receiving more. I didn’t have to pay deposits when renting cars abroad, book 4 and 5 start hotels at 3 star hotel type of budgets, access a range of second to none additional services and more. And next, people from my peer group started to ask me what I’m doing, how I get such benefits and showed them that I am a member of this club. And some of them joined just to get the benefits and others also started to build an income stream from this membership by showing others the opportunity.  I am the type who doesn’t like cold calling, chase people to come to presentations and also crush my relatives and friends with the next big thing so they may end up not answering my phone.

I am involved in high level real estate transactions, consult with companies on marketing, hold non executive roles in companies around the world, build courses, speak in front of audiences, go on stages, radio, podcasts  and TV, write books and articles inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to chase their dreams so this opportunity fitted naturally in what I was already doing and building.

And you may see this sign all over the web and you don’t know what is all about … or maybe ten other people chased you to be part of their team so you are already disgusted. Probably they didn’t understand anything from this and sold you something they don’t have a clue about.


You can build your own way. Maybe you are a start of cold calling, or a master recruiter or an influencer and already having an audience. So if you join this you will just have to show others what’s possible and inspire them in your own way. The investment is so low … few hundreds of dollars which you usually spend on Christmas shopping or in a weekend but see … spending them this way may imrpove the life for a moment but will not plant the seeds for a transformation. So when would be a better time than Now to … test the waters, to put faith in something new … Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is mistery and that’s why Today is called The Present. I highly recommend you to contact me before joining as I offer a lot of training, coaching and benefits to my international team and if your country is not listed among the coutries where this opportunity is officially launched you Must contact me. 

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