Seven tips to create, manage and promote your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is truly a professional networking website that provide users a complete professional platform. It is not like other social networking sites, where you use your profile for personal networking.

LinkedIn‘s network has exploded in recent years. It is very important tool for building your brand. Millions of users use LinkedIn to grow their network. To increase your network you need to create LinkedIn account.

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Here are some tip to create, manage and promote your LinkedIn account-

1. Complete your company details

A complete profile increases the chances of getting targeted traffic on your page. It increase your online visibility and professional identity. A complete LinkedIn profile grabs more attention and enhances your reputation. LinkedIn provides you with a tool to complete your profile that walks you through all the steps easily. You just need to follow the steps and make your profile complete.

2. Customize your profile link

To customize your public profile URL you need to change your URL to something unique. You can customize your URL by going to the settings option. Choose a specific name you would like to display. It will enable users to search you more easily. A customize URL is easier to remember and use.

3. Add a banner image to your company page

Your banner image is first thing a profile visitor goes through. Make a professional page by adding a banner image or company logo on it. Banner image shows your personal brand. Your profile would be more appealing when your banner image will associate with it. Add an attention grabbing banner image. Make sure your banner image describes something about you.

4. Make your profile public

Make your profile public and visible to everyone. Make sure that everyone can view your profile and your news feed, public profile is visible to anyone around the world. Click on privacy and settings options and manage your profile, you can decide which section you want to show.

5. Be active on your account

Be active on your account, post relevant content and regularly update your page. It is very helpful for your followers. Post Company updates on your page. Interesting articles engage more people to your page and establish your position among professionals. By doing this you can target more people and boost your sales.

6. Grow your connections by using LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is a wonderful tool to grow in professional world. It gives the opportunity to make various connections. LinkedIn provides a connection tab which offers you to add new contacts. You can use find alumni and keep in touch section to stay connected with your old friends or acquaintances.

7. Be a part of OpenLink network

Open link network is basically for the premium account members. OpenLink is a feature to increase your network without revealing your personal information. OpenLink gives an advantage of sending Inmail for free and to the receivers it provides the exposure on a greater LinkedIn network.


All these tips can assist you to increase your network on LinkedIn.

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