New tech startup brings sluggish and expensive book cover design into the age of automation (and not everybody is happy about it…)

Brand new tech start up firm, Pixel Studio FX, is giving small business owners the freedom to create their own product package design, eCovers, book covers (including for Kindle), DVD covers and more, with the kind of push button simplicity and high quality that few have attempted or achieved before.

Pixel Studio Fx219x300

The website for the firm’s flagship tool – Pixel Studio FX – claims to “automate the backbreaking, often expensive process of creating product covers.”

As Adeel Chowdhry, Pixel Studio FX’s Founder points out, “In the past, designing covers for your latest Amazon book, EBook, or DVD release would involve one of two things – either a lot of drafting, hiring, firing and back and forth with design firms, or wrestling with overpriced, seriously complicated design tools that require weeks to learn from scratch.”

Although many small firms have brought template covers to the market before, they typically require expensive design tools to edit designs until they’re truly unique.

Pixel Studio FX solves this problem, by offering a truly unique “stand alone” tool that purely focuses on one job, and one job only; creating stunning eCovers.


“We’re shaking things up. We’re already seeing backlash from the design community. Some designers think we’re killing their livelihoods. But that’s not our intention. We’re simply automating one arduous task that small business owners can’t always afford – or have time – to outsource. Now you can just log in, push a few buttons and instantly crank out a stunning cover design in full 3D glory, and it would probably take you less than 5 minutes from start to finish, thanks to the hundreds of preloaded designs in their library and their easy to use interface.

We have to innovate. You can’t stand still in a world where technology is automating and speeding everything else up. You have to move as fast at the world around you. That’s what tools like Pixel Studio FX are made for.” – Adeel Chowdhry, Founder, Pixel Studio FX.

Pixel Studio FX is now available and you can test drive it for yourself. Price and licenses are subject to availability.

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